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There is no better way to convince you of the added value of Cross International approach and service, than by letting our current clients speak for themselves.

The Recruitment Outsourcing (RPO) help we get from Cross International is a real asset for our company. Your consultant’s willingness to share her forthright opinions and provide solid content allows us to make more accurate decisions on matters related to HR, recruitment, safety, training, promotions and the appointment of senior staff.

Huw W. Hampson-JonesSOLiTHOR - Founder and CEO

'What a true pleasure again to work together. Most of all, I also want to thank you for not only assisting us, but also challenging us and giving us even more insight into our own team dynamics and culture based on your challenging and thought-provoking questions - amazing!'

Anouk LagaeAccent Jobs - CEO

'Today the added value of the new chairman of our Board of Directors was clearly demonstrated during the discussions in his first board meeting. We are therefore very satisfied with your services!'

Philip TaillieuCascador Health - CEO

'In our search for a new General Manager for our US entity, we experienced the collaboration with Cross International as very pleasant. There was good proactive communication and alignment, they played ball in a short space of time and both Elsyca and the candidates were very satisfied with the mix of a professional approach combined with an eye for the person behind the job. In short, a super experience that we can definitely recommend!'

Jean-Marc DewildeElsyca - Managing Director

'The understanding of our international start-up/scale-up needs in deep tech and the flexible professional unburdening in executive search and HR services support make Cross International an esteemed partner for our ventures.'

Peter VanbekbergenImec.Xpand - Partner

'Proactive, efficient, communicative and transparent. This summarizes the collaboration with Cross International for me. For a rather difficult profile to fill, Cross International delivered in a relatively short time high quality candidates who match our corporate culture both in terms of competencies and values. This is how it always should be'

Ine GuissonVan Marcke - Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Cross International exceeded our expectations, seamlessly finding our ideal match in a challenging talent market. Their meticulous process, human approach and emphasis on cultural alignment made the difference!

Rikkert LeemanAlides - CEO