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Recruitment Solutions.

In this division we specialize in permanent recruitment of middle management, key positions & senior individual contributors, as well as in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). With our range of services, we cover all steps of the recruitment process, from vacancy determination to selection and assessment, negotiation, and onboarding. We can assist organizations with an integrated total solution or with individual services as needed.

What is recruitment outsourcing?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a model in which a company outsources all or part of its recruitment process for new employees to an experienced external service provider. RPO offers numerous benefits for organisations looking to recruit high-quality employees and to improve the efficiency of their HR processes.

One of the main benefits of RPO is that it helps companies save time and resources. Recruiting new employees can be a time-consuming and complex process, especially for companies that do not have a comprehensive HR department. By bringing in RPO, organisations can focus on their core business while being assured that their recruitment process is in good hands.

Another key benefit of RPO

Another key benefit of RPO is that it can help improve the quality of new hires. RPO service providers often have extensive knowledge of the labour market and can help companies find qualified and suitable candidates for their open positions. Moreover, RPO service providers can use advanced technology and data analysis to find and evaluate the best candidates.

In addition, RPO offers companies flexibility and scalability. Companies experiencing peaks and troughs in their employee base can benefit from RPO services that can quickly adapt to changing needs. RPO service providers can help set up an efficient and flexible recruitment process that can be adapted to the changing needs of the company.

Finally ...

Finally, RPO can also help reduce the cost of the recruitment process. By outsourcing the recruitment process, companies can save on costs such as recruitment advertising, recruitment software and salaries for HR staff. By outsourcing the recruitment process to a reliable RPO service provider, companies can focus on their core activities while attracting the best talent and saving costs.

CrossInt's RPO services.

By fusing talent with leadership, CrossInt distinguishes itself with a unique approach to recruitment and talent acquisition. Not only do our recruiters focus on finding the right (cultural) fit for your company's open positions, but they also ensure that the 'Candidate Experience' is as positive as possible. After all, a positive 'Candidate Experience' strengthens our clients' employer brand.

Talent cannot be put in reigns, but they can be invited to be a part of working towards goals they believe in themselves. That is why we do not chase heads, but rather inspire minds. And that is why we talk to candidates about their careers, not just a job. We let people cross paths who can achieve great things together. We believe in a social and economic world without borders, without divisions nor glass ceilings, where employees flourish and businesses succeed because they share the same vision. In this world, recruitment isn’t about capturing profiles, but about inviting people to help grow something that they believe in At CrossInt, we lead people away from the war for talent and towards the crossroads where they can meet and help each other grow and create.

A positive Candidate Experience is KEY in our approach and strengthens our clients' employer brand. As an experienced RPO partner, our specific approach also helps to further strengthen your reputation and 'employer branding'.


Our unique approach results in higher retention rates and a more positive impact on the company's bottom line. CrossInt's RPO services are customised to each company's specific needs and provide a seamless and efficient recruitment experience. In short, CrossInt's focus on both talent and leadership sets us apart from the competition in the RPO industry and delivers measurable results for companies.

Our approach is unique in its pragmatism and this for both SMEs and multinationals. Even if you only have 10 vacancies a year, you can come to us for those too.


Our approach is unique in its pragmatism and this for both SMEs and multinationals. Even if you only have 10 vacancies a year, you can come to us for those too.

Our approach always has an advisory and an execution phase. During the advisory phase, a strategic resource planning is drawn up for permanent employees, temporary employees, freelancers and project staff. A recruitment plan is then drawn up and extensively tested and adjusted. SMEs can call on the KMO portfolio at this stage.

We can provide additional staffing for your recruitment team that is flexibly adapted in time to the volume of work and task content. We can offer different levels of recruitment consultants and pricing. In addition to recruitment support, we can also provide HR business partners or other HR roles.

For more information on our RPO offer, please contact Wim Van Kerckhove or Luc Van Dessel

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