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Leadership Advisory & Consulting.

Organizations grow with the vision of those who lead. Therefore, we offer personal and professional advice around the complex questions of leadership, organization, diversity, inclusion and ESG. In addition, we offer startup services, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and help with international scaling.

The added value of leadership advice & consulting

Leadership advice and consultancy services are becoming increasingly relevant for companies of all sizes, especially in today's fast-paced, ever-changing VUCA business world. Whether an established company or a start-up, the need for strong leadership and effective strategy is vital for success. Independent external advice and consultancy can provide organisations with the expert guidance and support needed to navigate the challenges and opportunities associated with operating in today's complex business environment.

CrossInt offers advisory services such as 'strategic soundboarding' and independent advice to a board of directors, organisational strategy and tactical insights, strategic business, sales and marketing advisory support, fundraising and financing assistance, strategic HR support in mergers and acquisitions with HR due diligence and audit tailored to investors, finding the right Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) partners and offers assistance in business operations and process improvement, and international scaling for start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs or family businesses.

In addition to these services, together with our partners we can also offer specialised expertise in areas such as crisis management, mergers and acquisitions, M&A integrations, individual or team development and coaching, assessment services and development centres, customised trainings, outplacement, career guidance, HR transitions and change management trajectories, organisational restructuring, succession planning or developing an employer brand.

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Valuable perspectives

Crossint's partners can bring valuable perspectives and insights to a board of directors as an independent voice. As someone not directly involved in the organisation's day-to-day operations, they can provide objective and impartial observations and recommendations. This can help challenge assumptions, provide new perspectives and spark constructive discussions. Moreover, an external consultant often has specialised knowledge and experience that can complement the knowledge and skills of existing board members. This can give the board access to a wealth of information and resources, which can support decision-making and help the organisation achieve its goals. Moreover, they can provide a fresh perspective on ongoing challenges and help the board identify new opportunities for growth and improvement.

Generally speaking, the presence of an external advisor on the board can improve the quality of discussions, decision-making and results. By providing an independent voice and access to specialised knowledge, an external advisor can help organisations address complex challenges and seize new opportunities.

For established companies, leadership advisory and consulting services can provide valuable insights and recommendations for improving existing business processes, streamlining operations and identifying new growth opportunities. This can help you stay ahead of the curve and adapt quickly to new trends and technologies, and overcome complex challenges that may arise.

For start-ups, leadership advisory and consultancy services can be even more crucial. New companies often lack the necessary experience and resources to effectively navigate the complex and rapidly changing business landscape. Working with a consultant can help start-ups overcome these challenges and build a solid foundation for growth and success. Our consultants can help start-ups in a variety of ways, from developing effective business strategies and identifying potential funding sources, to providing guidance on marketing and branding efforts. They can also help develop a robust organisational structure and provide support in recruiting and training employees.

In addition to these services, we and our partners can offer specialised expertise in areas such as crisis management, mergers and acquisitions, HR transitions and coaching, or assessment and development centres. Next to that, you can also turn to CrossInt for no-obligation soundboarding, mentoring, networking and introductions to key contacts in the wider business ecosystem, because at CrossInt we also strongly believe in the connecting role we can play between entrepreneurs, business leaders, investors, etc. in order to strengthen each other's business and hopefully create the necessary synergies for each other!

Startup and BPO services

In addition, BPO services (Business Process Outsourcing) can be an effective way for start-ups and SMEs to streamline their operations, reduce costs and focus on their core business. BPO services involve outsourcing specific business processes or functions to an external service provider that specialises in them. Here are some examples of BPO services that can be particularly beneficial for start-ups:

Human Resources: Start-ups may struggle to manage HR tasks, such as recruiting, onboarding and training employees. Outsourcing HR tasks to a BPO service provider can help startups ensure they comply with labour laws and regulations and help them build a strong and productive workforce. BPO services in this area can include recruitment, drafting policies and salary structures, assessments, setting up your first employee abroad, etc.

Digital marketing: Start-ups need to build their online presence and attract customers through effective digital marketing strategies. Outsourcing digital marketing functions to a BPO service provider can help startups create and execute effective marketing campaigns, while allowing employees to remain focused on the company's core business. BPO services in this area can include search engine optimisation (SEO), LinkedIn & other social media marketing, email marketing and content creation.

In general, outsourcing specific business functions to a BPO service provider can help start-ups and SMEs save time, reduce costs and improve the quality of their services. By focusing on their core business, start-ups and scale-ups can grow and scale more efficiently and effectively. CrossInt puts at your disposal a broad (international) network and ecosystem of reliable, quality partners, each of whom are Subject Matter Experts in their field and can offer you the best outsourced services in an affordable way.