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What our clients say about us.

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About us.

Where driven people cross, successful businesses florish

We cross paths of people who can accomplish great things together.

We help organizations find the right people to achieve their goals. With the leaders of those organizations, we create the right conditions for continued growth, motivating employees for the right reasons.

At CrossInt, we lead people away from the war for talent, to the crossroads where they help each other grow.

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Cross International
Cross International

01.Executive & Board Search

At CrossInt, we specialize in executive search and board-level recruitment solutions. Talent cannot be put in reigns, but they can be invited to be a part of working towards goals they believe in themselves. That is why we do not chase heads, but rather inspire minds. And that is why we talk to candidates about their careers, not just a job. At CrossInt, we lead people away from the war for talent and towards the crossroads where they can meet and help each other grow and create.

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02.Recruitment Solutions

In this division we specialize in permanent recruitment of middle management, key positions & senior individual contributors, as well as in Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). With our range of services, we cover all steps of the recruitment process, from vacancy determination to selection and assessment, negotiation, and onboarding. We can assist organizations with an integrated total solution or with individual services as needed.

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03.Interim Management

Permanently filling key positions is not always necessary or simply not possible in the short term. In the meantime, it is important to keep the organization running smoothly. That is where our interim managers come in. They provide temporary, experienced leadership to keep the organization on track. Our senior experts ensure continuity in a transition period. They can be deployed quickly and lead change in the right direction by building on existing strengths.

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04.Leadership Advisory & Consulting

Organizations grow with the vision of those who lead. Therefore, we offer personal and professional advice around the complex questions of leadership, organization, diversity, inclusion and ESG. In addition, we offer startup services, Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and help with international scaling.

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Cross International

'What a true pleasure again to work together. Most of all, I also want to thank you for not only assisting us, but also challenging us and giving us even more insight into our own team dynamics and culture based on your challenging and thought-provoking questions - amazing!'

Anouk Lagae Accent Jobs - CEO

CrossInt - we cross talent with leadership . Where driven people cross, successful businesses florish

CrossInt is what they call an "agile boutique firm", with us you are not a number and you get 110% attention. We have been around for almost 25 years. We are a team of about 20 experienced people and have built an extensive network of board-level, C-level, senior management, middle management and higher key individual contributor profiles in most sectors and functions, both locally and internationally (and not just via LinkedIn).

We are authentic, fast-paced and transparent. We always try to exceed the expectations of both our clients and candidates with high-quality service from A to Z in combination with thorough market knowledge. We have a very authentic human approach and focus not only on skills and capabilities, but also on the 'cultural fit' of the candidate with the culture and values of the client. We focus on partnerships and long-term relationships with both clients and candidates, and we do more than just executive & board search and recruitment, if necessary we also try to be a strategic sounding board for the company director, hiring manager or investor and think along with the business. And we supplement all this with complementary services such as leadership advisory, HR consultancy, interim management and recruitment outsourcing (RPO).

CrossInt - Your 'one stop shop' partner for building exceptional teams