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Meet Caro, a driven and skilled professional with a background in management support. After college, she started working for Caro Furs, a family business, where she had the opportunity to learn her father's craft while gaining valuable experience in the industry. Her desire to develop her social skills brought her to CrossInt. Caro loves meeting new people and helping them achieve their dream jobs. Caro mainly works from our Leuven office, where she brings her expertise and enthusiasm to every project.

Outside of work, Caro is an active and adventurous person with a passion for sports and travel. She loves hiking and cycling and, in winter, skiing. Tennis is also one of her favourite sports. Her motto, "play hard, or don't play at all", reflects her determination and pursuit of excellence in everything she does. With her positive attitude, strong work ethic and diverse skillset, Caro is a very valuable asset to our team.

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