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Charlotte is a real “little Jack in the box”. She obtained her master's degree in moral sciences from Ghent University in 2021. She was already working for Origin'O at the time and continued there after her studies.

Her commercial experience and interest in psychosocial topics made her decide to change track to executive search, and hence she started working at CrossInt in 2022. She loves finding out what passionates candidates and why they made certain choices.

Should she be able, she briefly swapped jobs with Rudi Vranckx, to travel the world but also to listen to life stories, visions & opinions of people who choose to make their voices heard, in often difficult situations.

When not working, Charlotte can be found in her vegetable garden or at gigs and festivals. She draws energy from the Latin phrase "amor fati". This means "the love of fate" and embodies the philosophy of embracing your destiny, even in the face of adversity.

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