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Wiktoria Lotycz


Wiktoria is a driven and ambitious person currently pursuing a bachelor's degree in Labour Market Organisation at the University of Warsaw. During her studies, she gained valuable experience in administrative work and call centres, but she felt a desire to develop her skills further and set her sights on human resources. In November 2021, Wiktoria found her way to CrossInt, where she was able to work in an international environment and expand her recruitment skills by interacting with people from different countries and cultures.

Apart from her career, Wiktoria is a lady with diverse interests. She has a passion for volleyball and has been doing so for more than seven years as a middle blocker. She is also interested in ceramics and enjoys giving new life to old clothes. If given the chance, Wiktoria would like to experience what it is like to be an aeroplane pilot and watch sunrises and sunsets from the cockpit, or become a diving instructor in Australia and witness the beauty of the coral reefs. Wiktoria's motto is "You can have it all. Just not everything at once," and she believes everything is possible with the right timing.

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