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Julia Tomalik


Julia studied Psychology in Business at SWPS University in Warsaw, and then went on to study Human Resource Management, where she is now completing a master's degree.

Her previous work experience includes both recruitment and marketing. She has worked at a smaller and larger recruitment agency, developing her competencies during an internship and then moving on to a position as an independent consultant. Julia was responsible for both recruiting employees for our clients and recruiting clients for the company she worked for. She recruited mainly in the commercial real estate, engineering and renewable energy sectors.

What Julia likes most about her job is the opportunity to work with people and build a team together. She greatly enjoys working in recruitment and developing her skills. Every day brings new experiences, so she doesn't feel monotony and can broaden her horizons.

If she could swap jobs with one person for a month, she would rather choose two people. The first is Robert Kiyosaki, an investor, businessman and author of sensational mentoring and motivational books. His work has changed her outlook on business, people and investing. The second person would definitely be someone who cares for animals and the environment on an island paradise, does not worry about what will happen the next day, cares for others and herself in harmony with nature - something like a monk.

Julia's hobbies are mainly personal development, striving every day to be a better version of herself, as well as travel, automotive and the sea (in a general sense, waves, palm trees, peace, water).

Her motto is "giving without hesitation, losing without regret and winning without greed."

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